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Are you a crypto trader? Welcome to AltcoinTrading's Instagram - we're here to save you a few Google searches. AltcoinTrading provides tools and strategies for crypto traders, keeping in mind that value is where the crowd isn't. Our goal is to provide resources for all types of traders, as long as they want to learn to survive on the markets in the long run. We want everyone who trades cryptocurrencies to trade with reason, maximising their profits but not their risks.
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The impact of FTX Collapse On Silver Markets
The last couple of years have shown the true dangers of cryptocurrencies and some other intang...
16.01.2023 - 17:02:00
A Glimpse Into Crypto's Future for 2023
Cryptocurrency has been notorious for its volatile nature, and both surprisingly high highs as...
24.11.2022 - 20:45:00
[Ready To Automate] VTrend Volume Trading Strategy on TradingView - Premium Script
VTrend is a volume trading strategy with a bunch of features packed into a single TradingView ...
11.10.2022 - 23:02:00
https://www.altcointrading.net/vtrend-volume-trading-strategy-tradingview-premiu ...
Staking Wallets: Your Guide to Staking Crypto for September 2022
What is the best wallet to stake crypto? Why not stake from an exchange? What platform to use if you have a lot of money to stake?
15.09.2022 - 02:00:00
Bitfinex runs a crypto analysis newsletter that's probably the best out there right now
Onchain analysis, famous for its ever-bulli...
30.08.2022 - 00:02:00
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