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/template/media/country/us.gif Comically Vintage - Comics
It’s about comics. Old comics. The paleocomicologists:lacontessavruzmogadoniamudwerksfeastingonroadkill Almost all comics presented are from the paleocomicologist’s own collections unless otherwise stated.
art   photos   comics   comic-photos   comic-world
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Kategorie: Art
/template/media/country/us.gif News from Art, Music and Culture
News and Messages from Art and Culture - current Films, Opera, Artist or Music.
culture   musik   art   pop   artists
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Kategorie: Art
/template/media/country/us.gif Booklover
tugbany@gmail.com Everything about books, quotes and my other favorite stuff ask me stumbleupon my page in weheartit sinematik tumblr deviantart flickr contributor of womenreading tumblr
art   booklover   books
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Kategorie: Art
/template/media/country/us.gif Power Girl!
Tumblr dedicated to one of the bustiest of DC ladies, the one and only, Power Girl.
art   girl-comics   comics
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Kategorie: Art
/template/media/country/us.gif lauren moran - Comics Art
just waiting for the right moment to jump start my career in costumed crime.
art   comics   comic-art   comic
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Kategorie: Art
/template/media/country/us.gif Poetry 365
Inspired by Billy Collins’ Poetry 180 project, I post one poem per day here, for at least year. | tags by author or subject | contact me here var sc_project=5142289; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_partition=58; var sc_click_stat=1; var sc_security="2acfd434";
art   book   pics   least-year
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Kategorie: Art
/template/media/country/us.gif False Facts
False Facts is the brainchild of Ben Kulp; you send him your false facts and he illustrates them.
art   pics   false-facts   illustrates-them   illustrations
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Kategorie: Art
/template/media/country/us.gif Johnny LaFontaine is a meme
the number one place to catch all things Johnny - Videos, Art and Culture.
culture   musik   art   pop   artists   video
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Kategorie: Art
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