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lilirachelle / 17 / brighton-england Basically my little tumblr where I’m free to blab on about games, post images about games, complain, explain, and explore. Saves me getting it all clogged up in amongst my main tumblr :) This isn’t just another gamer blog where some pompus ass is going to post reviews about all the games they hate because they’re not perfect. There will be reviews, overviews, hints and tips for random games, pictures, videos, and even the occasional OST soundtrack if I have the chance :) I’m not here to start arguments or offend anyone, but I can’t say I won’t end up doing it without intention. I’m entitiled to my opinions, so don’t try and prove me wrong :) I try and keep this as active as possible, but it’s not my life, so don’t get fussy if I go for a while without posting :)
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