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Record High Levels Of Used Car Sales
When you drive by a new car dealership these days it’s hard to know if they are in fact a new car dealer offering a new car loan, or a used car lot. This reflects the continuation of a year long trend where new car dealers have make a concerted effort to heavily stock up their used car inventories to help offset the steep decline they have experienced in their new car sales.This has been a bonanza for many car buyers. There’s a broad selection of good, carefully purchased used cars available from reputable dealers in numbers never seen before. The dealers generally offer used car loans, however it’s not always the case. There probably hasn’t been a better time to shop for a pre owned car. Dealers specialize in cars that are less than 5 years old. Many of the cars they have available are only 1 to 3 years old. These can be an excellent buy when compared to the price of the comparable new car.  One piece of helpful advice while availing your used auto loan is to be aware that dealers usually value their own line of car as a used car and price it higher than a competing line. So the Ford dealer often prices used Fords higher the General Motors dealer will price the same car. There’s no difference between the cars but the price.An excellent way to take advantage of what’s going on it to get your used car finance rates on line. On line loan providers offer the best rates and can finance a wide range of credit. If you have your financing lined up before you start your shopping, you have a tremendous advantage in the car and the price that you are looking for.
11.02.2010 - 08:01:27
Having A Car Loan Before Buying Your Car Will Help Get A Better Buy
Quite a bit of study has been done in the area of determining if pre financed auto buyers get a better deal on their car financing than one who gets their financing at the time of purchase. The results have consistently shown that those who have their financing worked out before they start shopping end up with better pricing. It was found that one of the first questions a potential customer is asked is how they plan to pay for the car they select. Those who say they have their financing or plan to pay cash are offered a lower price almost 100% of the time by the sales the first time price is discussed. As the car loan shopping experience continues, the dealership realizes that that with financing in hand the customer can go somewhere else any time. This has a measurable impact of keeping the pricing offered very competitive. Until the prevalence of auto loans on the internet, it was very cumbersome for a potential car buyer to obtain financing prior to looking. It often meant going to the bank and getting a commitment. This was both time consuming and a bit intimidating.Fortunately that’s all changed. It’s possible to get best car loan rates online. Auto financing can be completed over the internet in a few short minutes. Often an answer can be gotten very quickly. This applies to all types of credit. With the advantage of being able to complete the process in the privacy of one’s home or office, there’s no dread of what may be said about someone’s credit. Better prices and better rates, it’s about time the internet started shaking up the car business.
11.02.2010 - 08:00:10
Getting Cost Effective Car Financing On The Internet
There’s a misconception that all car loan offers are available in the dealer’s showroom. It’s assumed that if you have good credit you should go visit the dealer to get you’re financing and further that car financing on the internet is for those with poor credit. This may surprise you, but the opposite is the case. Generally the highest priced financing regardless of one’s credit is offered at the dealer. This isn’t hard to understand once it’s clear that auto loans dealers make as much of this profit on the financing of the car as they do on its sale. Without financing many dealerships wouldn’t be able to exist. Just like with car pricing, most dealers offer you what they think you will agree to. It’s not necessarily the best price. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you understand what’s taking place. For availing affordable car financing, the dealership should be one of two places they shop for their car financing. The other place is the internet. Simply go on line and complete an application. You’ll find that you will get back the very best offer they have available the first time regardless of your credit. This works for excellent credit just as much for poor credit. With this offer in hand, you can select you next car knowing what you can afford. You can also ask the dealer about the financing he has available and compare the two. You will be surprised. In most cased the offer you got from the internet will be the better one.It’s an interconnected world and there’s no reason not to take full advantage of it. Auto loan lenders anywhere can finance a car. There’s no better way to take advantage of today’s auto financing marketplace than through using the internet to locate the financing on your next car regardless of your credit rating.
11.02.2010 - 07:58:18
Get The Best Car Deals Early In The Year
There’s a popular misconception that all the best car buys are at the end of the calendar year. Car dealers don’t discourage this since they welcome customers any time of year. In fact, one of the best times to avail your new car loan and buy a new car is after the start of a new year. It’s not hard to understand why. Most dealers have to pay their annual taxes in the first quarter of a new year. During this same time sales are generally slow with people still concerned over their holiday spending. Additionally in some parts of the country, this is also a period when the weather can be very inclement and not very conducive to financing auto loans and shop for a car. Put all these factors together and it makes sense that dealers are more ready than ever in to see their inventory move off their lots. Many of the “year end” savings have nothing really to do with the year end. The dealers are just concerned that it’s the last time they can get potential customers in before tax time. Those same savings are available well into the first 3 months of the New Year. In fact, this may one of the best times to get best car loan rates and buy a pre owned car. Inventories of used cars are at record highs at almost every dealer. Dealers have much more margin to work with in these cars than they do new cars. With all the incentives on the buyer’s side, a great price is usually available.Another important point to remember is that if you have your used car loans financing completed before you start shopping you also have another important advantage in getting the very best price possible. The best way to do this no matter whether you have excellent, good or poor credit is by completing your financing application on the internet. You’ll hear back in a very short period of time with the best rate available. With financing and the time of year going for you, it’s hard not to find the right car that works for your needs.
11.02.2010 - 07:51:17
Online Car Loan Financing Advantages
If you’ve ever availed a online car financing from the dealer’s showroom, you know what a long drawn out process that can be. You also soon find out that financing your car is also a profit center for the dealer. They aren’t there to give you the very best deal they can get but to give you the best deal for them that they can get you to take. In other words, their objective is to make as much money as they can on your auto loan application. Actually many dealers say they make more money on financing the car that when the sell it. Its not rocket science to realize that you are in a much better position if you shop for your financing separately from buying your car. Its also not genius to know that one of the best ways to shop for the best rate is to compare the auto loan rates. There’s no more direct or easier way to do this than by searching for your car financing on the internet. The place to start is a site that offers financing for all makes and models. Also don’t worry too much about your credit at this point. By making your financing application on line you are reaching most of the lenders who can work with types of credit. They all realize that by using the internet you have many alternatives so they will make their best offer the first time they get back to you. This is the opposite of what you will experience at the dealer.Once you have secured your financing, you are in the best position possible for negotiating the purchase of your next car. When the sales person asks how you want to finance you car, you can say you have cash. That will cut through a lot of clutter and get you to the best price the dealer is willing to offer in the shortest amount of time. By using the internet you get the only two real advantages that are available to a car buyer. First the best rate on online car loan you qualify for and second having your financing in hand which gets you the best price available on the car of your choice.
26.01.2010 - 13:08:41
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