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Are you the absolute maniac who will buy Bob with no Bub ⊟I don’t think such a person exists, yet First Press is selling plushes of the player 2 Bubble Bobble character separately from the more well-known Bub. Nothing against Bob, and in fact I prefer the blue color, but I feel like Bob has yet to achieve Luigi-level breakout status.Both are also being sold as pricier, more “limited” versions that play Bubble Bobble sounds.JOIN CLUB TINY AND OUR DISCORD Support Tiny Cartridge!
30.05.2022 - 18:45:15
What if you… listened to Retronauts this week ⊟I don’t need to tell you this, since the Venn diagram of Tiny readers and Retronauts listeners is probably one tiny Tiny circle inside another much larger circle, but what’s the point of having a website if I can’t use it to brag on my co-editor when he kills it on a podcast?Sure, the latest Retronauts episode tackles the relatively morose topic of things to get on Wii U and 3DS eShops before they die, but it’s a really delightful listen, as Eric, Jeremy Parish, and Chris Kohler drop important recommendations and personal memories of these dying consoles.If you like it, be sure to let Jeremy know you did, and perhaps that you’d like to hear more from us on the podcast!JOIN CLUB TINY AND OUR DISCORD Support Tiny Cartridge!
21.04.2022 - 15:49:26
Gotta Protectors is back and a little weirder on Switch ⊟Pretty excited to play the next iteration of Ancient (and Yuzo Koshiro’s) Gotta Protectors, the Famicom tribute game that’s also a legit action-tower-defense-that’s-still-cool-if-you-don’t-like-tower-defense!This time, in addition to rad music, meta humor and wild musou-esque combat, there’s… a castle on a train? Collectible NES parody cartridges? This looks like it ramps up the distinctive frantic silly Gotta Protectors-ness in just the right way.JOIN CLUB TINY AND OUR DISCORD Support Tiny Cartridge!
16.04.2022 - 15:06:03
Taito Milestones out April 15 ⊟I’ve been obsessive about retro compilations on Switch recently. I want to gobble them all up. Even so, I’m unconvinced about Taito Milestones, the collection of 10 mostly ancient, mostly historically interesting arcade games. Without knowing a price, I’m not sure how into Alpine Ski or Wild Warriors I’ll be, or how willing I am to try a different version of the Bubble Bobble precursor Chack'n Pop (I have the Famicom cartridge). But The Ninja Warriors is cool, and Qix is always fun. Also, I want everyone to keep making these collections. JOIN CLUB TINY AND OUR DISCORD Support Tiny Cartridge!
05.04.2022 - 20:48:34
PAC-MAN MUSEUM + - Release Date Announcement TrailerGreat news for your PAC-PASSION ⊟No longer will you have to keep your PAC-PASSION repressed. There’s a place for people like us, and it’s the Pac-Man Museum+. I may sound like I’m joking, but anything that includes Pac-Man Battle Royale, one of my all-time favorite games, stokes the flame of my PAC-PASSION.Though it seems weird to do a furniture collection and room layout minigame while still playing Animal Crossing daily, I also really, really want to design my own arcade in this thing.I’ll be picking up the Switch version on the May 27 release date, but if I had an Xbox I could get it on Game Pass that same day. What a dang deal!JOIN CLUB TINY AND OUR DISCORD Support Tiny Cartridge!
03.03.2022 - 00:24:41
Give me all the PC Engine ports ⊟When Moto Roader originally came out on Turbografx-16, it totally failed to get my attention, my brain just filing it away in the “sports games I’m not interested in” category next to Takin’ it to the Hoop.But now, with the benefit of time, I know that any TG16/PC Engine game I get to discover for the first time is precious and wonderful. And so I’m pretty stoked about Moto Roader MC, the formerly Japan-only, PC Engine CD-only sequel, which I just played on my dang Nintendo Switch.It’s a top-down single screen racer, sort of like a Super Off-Road deal, with weapons and increasingly weird gimmicky tracks. My favorite feature allows you to toggle between control schemes at any time. I can never play these top-down racing games because my brain doesn’t understand whether to push left and right to turn or to push the direction I want the car to go on the screen. With this game, I can do whichever makes sense to me at the time.There’s also a rewind feature, visual options, and the other nice modern stuff. In all, this seems like a weirdly small game to give such a treatment… and that’s cool.JOIN CLUB TINY AND OUR DISCORD Support Tiny Cartridge!
25.02.2022 - 19:01:03
Thanks for making this for me, WayForward ⊟ Is there anyone else out there who would make an...
Thanks for making this for me, WayForward ⊟ Is there anyone else out there who would make an original song and animation for a port of a Super Famicom Kunio game? In fact, River City Girls Zero also includes a whole new soundtrack by Megan McDuffee and DEMONDICE.I’m trying to imagine anyone who would treat a niche retro port like this so seriously and so lovingly. I mean, I would, if I had the resources, and/or the talent.JOIN CLUB TINY AND OUR DISCORD Support Tiny Cartridge!
15.02.2022 - 19:44:19
Attention me and all me-like people: Valis collection on Switch today ⊟I am precisely the kind of person who has been waiting for ports of the Valis games to Switch, and the kind of person who missed both the Japanese release and the announcement of Limited Run’s physical version.I can’t be the only person out there with both a) a lifelong fascination with these PC Engine games and their now-vintage color-rich anime aesthetic, and b) a lot of things going on that make it hard to keep up with all eShop news despite c) kind of sort of having “niche eShop news” as their whole deal.JOIN CLUB TINY AND OUR DISCORD Support Tiny Cartridge!
10.02.2022 - 17:16:47
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