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Any advice will be helpful Interesting & Unusual Weird History Facts. From Ancient Technology & Writings, Strange Artifacts, Scientific discoveries, Forbidden Knowledge & Secret History.
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Summer, Sex, and Other Stories
Watching the changes happening to my body over the last couple of years have been fascinating. I was prepared for the hot flashes, the insomnia, the unscheduled visits from Aunt Flow, the joint pains… I was not prepared for a second puberty. Summer, Sex, and Other Stories
24.07.2024 - 01:45:15
Spring Cleaning, Hiking and AI
When I do Spring Cleaning, it involves cleaning every draw, every window, wiping every cable out there, every fork, every item of bondage gear. It also involves washing, lots of washings. Duvets, winter jackets, jumpers and pants, every sock out there, washing all the summer clothes, and so on.
28.06.2024 - 14:54:47
The Simulation Hypothesis
The Simulation Hypothesis, originally proposed by Niklas Boström, argues, as its name states, that we live in an artificial reality. Much like playing a video game like the Sims, in which the characters themselves evolve to create their own computer games with their own little worlds inside of them, and those new imaginary beings in turn create their new world and so on. In theory, the process could be repeated ad infinitum.
26.06.2024 - 23:36:59
Less Youtube, Less Media
If you are as old as me, you might remember a time in which Google's motto was "don't be evil." That lasted a few short years until investor money started pouring and their motto was quickly discarded. Nearly 2 decades ago, Google acquired Youtube.
09.06.2024 - 22:09:09
PC Problems
Is not that I mind so much about Microsoft knowing that I rub one out to some kink or another. Is that Microsoft never needed to know about this information in the first place and it doesn’t need to know now. Of course, it only runs on your computer. And of course, we all know that Microsoft’s security is flawless and no bad actor will ever find a way to infiltrate one’s private computer and have all the passwords ever used nicely screenshotted in a neat little folder. Is more than that. PC Problems
28.05.2024 - 23:58:09
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